MINIBOOK COLLECTIVE, Greenville County, South Carolina, USA

This program is funded in part by the Metropolitan Arts Council with funds received from the City of Greenville, BMW Manufacturing Company, Michelin North America, Inc., SEW Eurodrive, the Graham Foundation and the South Carolina Arts Commission

  Thanks to the Sponsors who make this all possible.

MiniBook Entry Form 2012

MiniBook Collective Entry Form:      Copy and paste as a word document, Print and please include with book at submission time.

*****Due to the delicate nature of the project, place your book in some form of protective envelope or zip lock type bag.

Artist Name:Print_______________________________________Phone:__________________________

Email Address:______________________________________

Please indicate school if StudentCategory._____________________________________________


Book Title:(optional)______________________________________________________________________________

Description of media used._________________________________________________________


Signature(s) ____________________________________________________________________


*Signature gives permission and allows artist's book to become permanent property of the MiniBook Collective. Signature specifies that artist has read and understands the "2 rules" and agrees material will meet general audience content. Signature also denotes artist understands MiniBookCollective will do it's best to ensure the safe display of all works but makes no further claims. Works are not insured.

*Artists are encouraged to make additional copies as entry will not be returned and becomes the property of the Collective.  MiniBook Collective will be displayed and shown in multiple venues.

Submission date is Wednesday, February, 29th, 2012. Please check back on this web site for submission locations and detailed display information in early February of 2012.

Contact Us : Melinda Hoffman 864-320-0973





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